The clubhouse had undergone a complete reconstruction in 1991-92. The opening ceremony passed on 5th December 1992. The clubhouse architecture has been preserved to the original character and style. Additional facilities, as is the third building-tract, a new kitchen, locker rooms, reception desk and offices have been built. A new car park was placed just behind the clubhouse bottom. Maintenance buildings, Pro-Shop and the Greenkeeper office were built in the same historical style as the clubhouse itself. A new "Starting house" with a tower clock has been built between Green No.18 and Tee No.1.

When observing the clubhouse from the outside you feel like your standing on the grounds somewhere in old England. Nevertheless, you will be propably surprised by the pleasant modern interiors. There are two entrances at the front. The left one leads to the restaurant and clubroom (you will step just into the stylized Spike-Bar). The right one leads to reception, then to locker and social rooms. A V.I.P. room has already hosted many interesting mettings and personalities during it`s short existence. The entire clubhouse prides itself on many cups, photographs, medals and other memorabilia, just as old clubs often do.

Our club restaurant is prepared to fulfil all your gastronomical expectations and needs. Prize-giving ceremonies are often held in the reastaurant. Occasional days of venison cusine are organized. The restaurant and cafe bask in the reputation of a beloved place to have a walk from Marianske Lazne.