The Royal Golf Club Marianske Lazne (RGCML) is not a closed club and there are possibilities to become a member. Regular members bask in many privileges related to sport and social life among RGCML. RGCML takes part in many important international social and sport activities. Many well known personalities and celebrities are members of our club.

Membership Conditions

  • Acceptance of the Statue of RGCML (available in the RGCML office)
  • Payment of a respective fee
I. Life full active membership 220 000 CZK
II. Membership of another family member 110 000 CZK
III. Second membership (for members of other golf clubs) 220 000 CZK
IV. One year membership 28 000 CZK
V. Youth membership 4 400 CZK
VI. Yearly Youth membership november-march/april-november 2 500 CZK/ 3 500 CZK
  These conditions had been accepted 6.12.2014.

Support of young players

 The Royal Golf Club Marianske Lazne endeavours to support young players and give the possibility of play to young talents. Therefore, young people have the possibility to become members under special advantageous conditions. Such a form of membership is called youth membership. After reaching a given age such member has the possibility to undergo the so called “transformation” and become a regular member. Depending on achieved successes and actual HCP the height of the respective “transformation to regular membership” fee is decreased (often in a crucial way). For more information please contact the RGCML office.