One of the prettiest holes in Marianske Lazne. A dogleg to the left, again a very technical hole.

The newly constructed water hazard lies across the fairway in the drive landing zone. You must play a very good shot from the tee in the air for around two hundred metres, so that you land behind the water; or play an iron to land in front of the water and then try to attack the green with your second shot. Unlike hole six this hole is played uphill - so don’t forget to take a longer club for the second shot. The left side is out of bounds. When driving keep to the right side. A very, very difficult approach to the green. There is a bunker next to the green on the left, to the right in front of the green and also another water hazard to the right of the fairway. If you miss the green then make it to the right. The trees bordering the green usually return the balls. The grass is not as thick there as elsewhere so it is very fast, particularly if you are behind the hole and are putting back to it, be careful!