A very long hole, it requires a long and solid shot. But it must be straight, because the left side of the fairway is out of bounds. There is not much danger on the right side in the rough but a shot to the green would be difficult.

The hole is slightly downhill, a two hundred meter opening shot is the minimum for the player attempting to reach the green on the second shot. There are bunkers on the left and right sides. A drive that is too long to the right could land in a ditch, and playing from there is impossible. The second half of the hole is downhill. Take care because one hundred and fifty metres is played like one hundred and forty here. You must take a shorter club. The green is fairly simple, even though there are bunkers to the left and right. Access is unrestricted in the direction of the game. Again this is one of the firmest greens in summer, without any terrain bumps. Let longer strokes roll to the green.