A dogleg to the left, it is bordered to the left by woods, which also form the boundary of the course to a distance of approximately two hundred metres. The green is not visible from the tee. This is not the hardest hole, but again it is very technical.

The left side is out of bounds and there is a dangerous water hazard to the right. Even after overcoming the water hazard the player still has not won. He still has to overcome a large and fairly deep bunker. A shot from there could mean another complication. Again I would choose to play with a longer iron. Keep to the left side of the fairway. But take care, if the ball lands too far to the left the high trees will prevent another shot. Play a one hundred and eighty metre shot to pass the water. You will then have a good view of the green and the trees to the left will not matter. Personally I use a three iron. I know that it will land behind the water hazard but it won’t reach the bunker. The green is protected by a simple grassy ditch in the front section and its left side is higher, even though this is not too noticeable. So a putt from the edge of the green should be played to the left. Remember, two irons for the first two strokes won’t do any harm on this hole.