A dogleg to the right. The landing zone is pretty well protected by bunkers. The hole is not long, but treacherous: it has cost me a lot of doubles.

Certainly you must try to keep the first shot away from the fairway bunkers. There are three behind each other and they would make a shot to the green more difficult. If you keep to the right you risk a second shot over the wood. So the right side on this hole is pretty much suicidal: I recommend playing a wood and keeping to the left side of the fairway. A good shot of around two hundred metres should be enough to pass both first bunkers, but should still land a good fifty metres short of the third. Players not landing with a view of the green on the first shot should aim for the middle of the fairway, which is very wide, and hope for a view with the second shot. The left side is the solution to everything and it also reveals the green, which is only protected to the left by a bunker. Certainly do not play the second shot over the wood because you will be punished for the slightest mistake. The left side of the green is uphill, the right slopes in the direction of play. The ball usually rolls to the foregreen along the middle of the green. Don’t try too long a second shot, this is unnecessarily risky. The front section of the green is no problem.