In my opinion the absolutely most difficult hole on the course and possibly one of the most difficult in Europe.

Not only due to its length, but it is also one of the narrowest holes. It doesn't allow a wood shot from the tee, because the hole is bordered by woods on both sides and the lane through the trees is very narrow. Approximately twelve to fifteen metres. I recommend a three or five wood or long iron. Personally I have set a par 5 on this hole and I play the hole to this par. This means the first shot into the wide section of the fairway, approximately one hundred and ninety metres. Take an iron in any case on the second shot. There is a hazard to the right side of the fairway, which ends at approximately two hundred metres. There is a bunker before the green to the left, which connects to a grassy ditch. Definitely play the second shot to approximately one hundred and fifty metres, so that you have fifty metres to the green left. Missing the green to the right means risking a water hazard. If you risk the second shot to the green, play to the left. The green is narrow and has a fairly marked undulation in the direction of play. Count on it being very fast. Definitely try to land beneath the hole, either on the third or fourth shot.