The shortest par 4 on the course. It enables long players to attack the green with the first shot and play a potential eagle.

The hole is not wide, but everyone who is capable of playing around two hundred and fifty seven metres can try for at least a birdie here. So go for it!. The landing zone at approximately one hundred and ninety, two hundred metres is well protected particularly along the left side by bunkers, which is typical for Marianske Lazne. If you are not sure of a long straight shot, choose an iron, because even then it will enable you to reach the green with a second shot using a fairly short club. There are woods along both sides of the fairway, and there is also a water ditch along the left side, which extends to the fairway bunker on the left side. There are no hazards to the right of the green, only the left side is bordered by woods. Access to the green is only possible from the left side, the right is protected by a bunker. The undulation to the left of the green usually returns balls. Don’t be afraid to aim for the branches, which overhang the level green.