Hole 1

Marianske Lazne is the oldest eighteen-hole course in the Czech Republic and this also determines its character with its thick woods and small, well protected greens.

The greatest hazards on this course are the woods and the bunkers. The first hole is a slight dogleg to the left, it is protected on the left side by a water ditch and there are fairway bunkers along the right side. This is a fairly difficult hole to open on and you need to start slowly and gently. The optimum shot is a light draw. You should land approximately one hundred and sixty metres away from the green after a good shot. The green is fairly small, the undulations are not well marked and there are sand bunkers to the right. If you are not sure that you will land the second stroke on the green, which is slightly uphill, keep short. The third approach stroke will be a chip, which is simpler uphill then downhill. You must not miss the green to the left, because you would have to make a difficult pitch over the bunker. The same applies to the right side. I recommend that you don’t take any risks and play a shorter stroke to maintain unrestricted access to the green. Poorer players should not attempt to play a second stroke to the green. There is no other hazard between the bunker and the green so the player can use a five iron, landing for instance twenty to thirty metres before the green. Even as an amateur player I set a personal Par 5 on the first hole.